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Friday, 4 July 2014

Life recently...

Between everything that has been going on, and updating the website ( do let us know what you think!) we now have even more to share of what we've been doing.

Bradfield Open Gardens
The Open Gardens event, put on by the Friends of St. Lawrence Church, Bradfield, was a great event! Thank you to everyone who joined in, either paying to see the gardens, working hard to get the gardens ready, or working on the event itself. The overall profit was £1766 which is one of the highest ever. This was the 21st time the event had taken place, and in total it has raised £28,448 between 1991 and 2014. The money will now be used to clean and repair the stained glass windows of St Lawrence Church.

As Sue, our Churchwarden at Bradfield said:
On behalf of the Congregation of St Lawrence Church, may I thank Norma Barrow and all her team. Also the garden owners for a wonderful day on Sunday 22nd June. The gardens looked beautiful and the funds raised were the second best ever.
I know the hard work which is put in by Norma to make sure it all runs smoothly and to provide lunches as well as making sure the Barrow garden looks great.
Thank you for all your efforts

Sue Reeve
We agree! Thank you to everyone! If you missed it, or you want to re-live it, click here to see a small tonnage of photos of the event.

Bradfield Friends are also running another event soon! Con Spirito will be having a concert at Bradfield Church, followed by a finger buffet. Please click here for more information, and do get your tickets early!

Claire's Ordination
Claire Scargill was ordained as a Deacon last Saturday (28 June) at Chelmsford Cathedral. See here for some pictures from the day. Claire also sent me this photo this week, which, if you're eagle-eyed you'll note includes herself, Chris, and the Bishop!

Thank you, Claire, and congratulations!

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