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This is the website for the mission and ministry of Manningtree Benefice: St. Mary & St. Michael' Church, Mistley with Manningtree and St. Lawrence's Church, Bradfield, including service, group and event information, contact details, media, and information about Mistley Church Hall (Mistley Institute).

We're working towards making this our main website, so please forgive any slight maintenance issues we might have in the next few weeks. If you can't access the information that you need, or you can't find it, do contact the Church Office on info@manningtreebenefice.co.uk or 01206 392200.


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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Time to Celebrate!

As members of the Church of England, this June we are celebrating 90 years with Queen Elizabeth II! We are doing this with an exhibition held in both of our two churches, and with three special services. Everyone is invited to come to everything, and all admission is free.
Please help us to make this weekend a great time together!
The Exhibitions will be of the life of the Queen, but also the lives of our communities in the last 90 years, with wedding dresses, christening gowns, certificates, photos, and much more memorabilia on display, as well as celebration flowers and music, with refreshments and children's activities.

We are holding three different services in the hopes that there's something for everyone! 
Our Celebration and Thanksgiving will begin with some family-friendly worship and will include children's work, but will be largely a formal-style service of Holy Communion. 
Our All-Age Family Celebration is, as it suggests, suitable for all ages! With songs, story and craft, this will be a shortish, informal-style service. If anyone would like to come in royal fancy-dress, they'd be very welcome, but it's not compulsory! 
The Songs of Praise Celebration will be a largely formal-style service, with lots of hymns and songs from throughout the years, with the Benefice Choir. 

Rev'd Daniel Cozens will be joining us for the Celebration and Thanksgiving, and for the Songs of Praise Celebration. He is a renowned speaker, able to explain the Christian faith with confidence and interest! He has been instrumental in several evangelistic events and groups over the years, and we're really pleased to be welcoming him to join us! 

Before that all starts, we will be kicking off the weekend on Wednesday 8 June with a special opportunity to eat together, chat together, and walk together, along with the Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell. Please join us if you can for any or all of the day!
Please contact the Church Office for more information (see the posters for contact details) and for details of how you can help if you'd like to get involved. Hope to see you there!