Welcome to the Manningtree Benefice

This is the website for the mission and ministry of Manningtree Benefice: St. Mary & St. Michael' Church, Mistley with Manningtree and St. Lawrence's Church, Bradfield, including service, group and event information, contact details, media, and information about Mistley Church Hall (Mistley Institute).

We're working towards making this our main website, so please forgive any slight maintenance issues we might have in the next few weeks. If you can't access the information that you need, or you can't find it, do contact the Church Office on info@manningtreebenefice.co.uk or 01206 392200.


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See here for information on Sunday services, Weddings and Baptisms



Where is the service?

First, check on the General Services page if you're wanting to go to a specific service. If you'd just like to come and visit, there is normally a service every week at 10.30am at Mistley & Manningtree, and there are normally services on all but the first Sunday of the month at 10.30am at Bradfield. Very occasionally, if we are having a service with the other churches in the area, we will not be meeting in normal places or at normal times. If this is the case, there will be a notice on the church door. See the Who We Are page for a map of how to get to our two locations. There is a small car park at Mistley, and there is also plenty of space on the road outside Mistley and Bradfield. 

What time should I arrive?

Again, check the General Services page for service times. Generally, morning services start at 10.30am and evening services start at 6.00pm. We'd advise planning to come with at least five minutes to spare, just to give you time to find a seat and get comfortable. Where specified, we also have refreshments before the service at Mistley, so feel free to come any time from 10.00-10.30am and have a coffee and a chat before we start.


What should I wear?

We don't mind! We're happy for you to wear what you like and to be comfortable. Our church-family members wear anything from suits and ties to jeans and t-shirts. That said, we would ask that you consider not wearing anything too revealing (very short skirts, very low-cut tops!) or slogans that might be offensive, but you probably thought of that already! Over all, we're more concerned that you come as you are, and that you make yourself at home.

Will I be singled out?

No. We won't ask you to do anything different to anyone else, and we won't make you do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. We won't make you wear a badge or a funny hat. We won't make you give us your money. We just want to welcome you in and make you feel at home. 

What about my children?

We are thrilled to welcome children to our services. We would advise that the family-type services (Joint Worship with Communion, Sunday Worship and any other service with Treasure Seekers included) are the most suitable services that we have for families, but you are welcome to any service where you'd like to bring your children. We run Treasure Seekers at most of these family-services which is our children's group for threes and over. They normally stay in for the first fifteen minutes of the service which we try to make engaging for them, and then go out to have teaching that is more suitable for their interests and abilities, to a room within the church building. No children have to go out however, and parents are welcome as well if children are at all nervous. For the under threes, we also have a Wriggle Pen Area so that your little ones can stay in the service but have toys out and space for a bit of a crawl/toddle. See the General Services section for details of services and the church calendar and please do contact the Church Office if you have any other questions or concerns.

What if I am 'less-abled' or disabled?

We welcome everyone to our church, and whatever your disability, we will do what we can to not just accommodate you, but help you to fully participate in and enjoy our services.
  • If you don't find it easy to stand (particularly for longer periods) then we'd encourage you to come and sit near the front, and please feel free to stay seated!
  • If you would like to participate in Holy Communion but cannot get to the rail, those giving Communion will come to you. Please just let one of the Welcomers or Sidespeople know on your way into Church.
  • We have space and facilities in both buildings for those in wheelchairs and would advise that you come and sit near the front so as to be able to see.
  • Our buildings are fitted with hearing-induction loops. Check the signs in Church for the correct hearing-aid setting.
  • If you have sight problems, we can help you best if you can please let us know in advance. We normally print a few copies of the news-sheet in large-print, and we have a large-print copy of the Holy Communion book, but our family-style service normally just use the screen. If we know that you're coming along, we can make sure that there are suitable news-sheets, Communion Orders and/or service orders ready for you.
  • If you have learning disabilities it would be really helpful if you could let us know your needs in advance. We'd love to be more accessible to those with learning disabilities and any guidance that you can give us would be really helpful.
As with all old churches, our buildings were not best designed for those less-abled or disabled. In our improvements to the buildings and our systems, we are always considering how best to serve our less-abled and disabled congregation members and visitors, but please do let us know your thoughts on how you might be most comfortable, and how you might see, hear and participate best in our services.

Special Occasions


Talk to us if you'd like to get married in one of our churches! We're always happy to talk you through the things you'll need to know, and give you all the information you could possibly want! Please contact us at the Church Office for more information.

Thanksgiving & Blessing, and Baptisms

Also, talk to us if you're interested in services of thanksgiving and blessing, or baptism! We believe that these aren't just about coming to Church, or celebrating a new child, but making a real commitment to the church here, and more importantly, to Jesus. On first contact, we'll ask for your address, so that we can send you all the information you should need to get you started. Once you've decided what you'd like to do, ee normally ask that you then come to a Preparation evening, held pretty regularly, so that you can talk through the issues that might have arisen reading the booklet, talk about faith and the church, and decide what you'd like to do! We currently hold baptisms on alternating fourth Sundays of the month during the 10.30am morning service, and generally hold thanksgivings and blessings in any service where we hold Treasure Seekers. Again, please contact the Church Office for more information.